You Guys Are The Best!

"My name is Garrett G. and I have been trying to get sober for 5 years. Over the course of this time in Los Angeles I had been to just about every treatment center in the city. So trust me when I say I've experienced many facilities treating drug addicts and alcoholics. Most treatment centers look at you like a commodity. Your just another person who's insurance is gonna pay them a lot of money. Most places aren't invested in your success in sobriety they want u in and out so they can make money off the next person. They want u to pee in a cup because they make thousands off a single sample. I can almost say that all treatment centers view u as a body. Just another customer. But I really have gotten to know the staff at The Giving Tree and it truly was enlightening because people like Sabrina Acatrinei, the clinical director, are special. I felt very comfortable at this house. Dr. Smith is a great guy. He will prescribe you whatever will help your detox and it's a great taper. It's such a beautiful house and the clients are taken on outings and meetings frequently so they get you out of the house. The Giving Tree really holds a special place in my heart because I've been through a lot as a recovering addict but this place really helped change my life. Thank you Sabrina. You guys are the best! " -Garrett G.

Rebos Cares.

"My name is Jason and I have been to treatment after treatment. Detox after detox and this place by far has been the best. Not only for the accommodations but for the staff as well. The owner Sabrina is such a sweet, caring woman. The nurse, Sarah is great as well and David is such a nice, caring guy. Now most detoxes pump you full of meds and later you suffer the consequences for their suggestions. Not this place. They do it right. I love all the staff as well as the place itself. Its a beautiful house. The cook there is great she makes the best food and will go the extra mile for you. She also is a great listener and understands. She helped me through a lot. I can't express enough how great everyone there is. They all do their best to make you feel safe and comfortable. And they all are still a big part of my life. They still call me to this day just to say hi and ask how I am.To me how much they care is what sets them apart from any other place." - Jason W. 

Highly Recommend.

"During my stay at The Giving Tree, I felt comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. I came from jail and it is said that it is hard to re-adapt into and environment from being institutionalized. The Giving Tree accepted me with open arms and made things work out with my situation. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs help." -Anonymous

I Don't Want to Leave. 

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sabrina, the entire staff and The Giving Tree in general. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and totally cared for, by everyone. I don't want to leave! And that says a lot! Thank you so much, Giving Tree, for helping to literally save my life."  -Anonymous

Compassionate, Caring, Helpful.

"My stay at The Giving Tree has been a good thing. This is my first time in Rehab. I am feeling more alert, and calmer than I have in a while. The atmosphere here is structured and relaxing. I appreciate the cleanliness and structure we are provided. I am well on the way to a successful recovery. The staff here is stellar! Everyone is compassionate, caring, and helpful. The groups, counseling, and meetings are very good for me. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to be sober. God bless."  -Anonymous