Studio City Drug Rehab

Studio City Drug Rehab

At The Giving Tree, we’re redefining the concept of drug rehabilitation. With so many ineffective rehab treatments around, finding one that delivers long-lasting benefits is no easy task. Drug addiction is a vicious and progressive mental illness and combating it is a challenging process. If you’re experiencing withdrawal regularly, you need to contact us today!

Our Studio City drug rehab center offers you the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary and unique recovery program. Here, we combine approved conventional rehab programs with holistic procedures in a formula meant to transform your entire life. When treating victims of prolonged drug addiction, very little detail counts. People arrive at our center hopeless, malnourished, suffering, and with their spirits broken.

The rehab process that we’re using relies on procedures like:

Psychological recovery – Drug abuse will disrupt the brain’s chemical functioning, poisoning your body and altering your personality as a result. The success of the mental and emotional recovery depends on numerous factors, including your clinical profile, determination, and mental and emotional state. We have some of the industry’s leading counselors to guide you through procedures like CBT, DBT, and EMDR, created to stabilize your behavior and strengthen your mind and spirit.

Nutritional improvements – Prolonged substance addiction will eventually drain the organism of vital nutrients and minerals. This is the reason why almost all patients are malnourished upon their arrival at our center. Since a healthy mind requires a healthy body, our chef is at your disposal daily. Having up to three nutritious meals every day will speed up your recovery dramatically since it allows your body to regenerate faster.

Fitness and recreative activities – Our Studio City drug rehab treatment offers a multitude of recreative activities for both the body and the mind. Everything is in place to support the natural release of endorphins and promote wellbeing and health. We have nature walks, sports, and group activities, promoting a more active lifestyle, as well as social bonding.

Spiritual growth – The rehabilitation process is primarily about self-discovery. It is about introspection and becoming honest with yourself about your problems, dreams, and expectations. By participating in guided meditation, you allow yourself to analyze your life and reflect how your actions have affected both you and the people you love. Eco-therapy is another procedure which promotes humbleness and positivity as part of the spiritual compass guiding you to freedom and wholeness.

Relapse prevention – On your path to sober living, education is the primary weapon to use against the risk of relapse. The best tool against the addictive behavior is prevention. We’ll teach you everything to know about identifying and avoiding the social triggers that may cause the relapse. On top of that, our counselors will provide critical advice on coping skills and lifestyle improvements to change your life for the better.

Come to The Giving Tree and join our Studio City drug rehab treatment today! When struggling with advanced drug addiction, you don’t have much time at your disposal. Let us help you!

Studio City Drug Rehab
The Giving Tree Treatment Center
4198 Sunswept Dr, Studio City, CA 91604

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