Drug Detox Studio City

Drug Detox Studio City

We, at The Giving Tree, promote life, health, and self-discovery. We believe that drug addiction is one of the most devastating mental disorders because it separates people from their true selves. Drug addiction will not only destroy your body but your mind and spirit as well. Our goal is to bring you on the right path again.

We perform advanced drug detox in Studio City using a multi-disciplinary, recovery-oriented approach. Based on a holistic concept of treating the patient as a whole (mind, body, and spirit), our system relies on innovative and highly effective procedures like:

EMDR (Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing) – Emotional traumas will often trigger the addictive behavior since they leave the patient vulnerable and defenseless. The EMDR goes in-depth, helping you face your problems and learn how to cope with them effectively. You’ll learn how to accept the pain as part of you and move beyond it at the same time. It’s a healing process that will take time, and we’ll gladly guide you through your journey of emotional maturity.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) – The DBT is an excellent resource when dealing with different forms of co-occurring disorders. Patients with PTSD and depression will find immense psychological and emotional value in this procedure. You will participate in both one-on-one and group counseling meetings, where our experts will guide you through the mental recovery process. The DBT will help relieve the stress, minimize your psychological anguishes, and tackle the symptoms of co-occurring disorders.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – The connection between your thoughts and feelings is real, and it transpires in your behavior throughout the day. The CBT is a vital procedure in our program of drug detox in Studio City because it analyzes your behavior, as well as your response to various stimuli. This procedure is meant to identify those stimuli that trigger adverse reactions in your brain. Ultimately, the goal is to confront these negative triggers and eliminate them. As a result, will grow more confident, positive, and optimistic, as well as more emotionally stable.

Eco-Therapy – While we affect the world around us, the world affects us back. We embrace the philosophy of unity and belonging. You, as a human being, are a part of the nature around you; you can communicate with it and feed on its energy to heal and grow. We promote eco-therapy as part of a more extensive system of spiritual growth, where the ultimate goal is to achieve wholeness with the universe, the people, and with your true, pure self.

All these procedures represent methods of introspection – reaching deep inside you and rediscover your true nature and meaning. If you need drug detox in Studio City, you need to reach to our center! It is here where you’ll learn to live your life with purpose again.

The Giving Tree helps you go back to your roots and embrace your most honest, pure self. It’s a process of self-forgiving, which lies at the foundation of any successful rehab treatment. Come to rediscover yourself!

Drug Detox Studio City
The Giving Tree Treatment Center
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