Christian Recovery Program

Article provided by: Zion Recovery Center

You have fallen victim to addiction and lost hope of ever regaining your freedom and happiness. It can happen to the best of us. At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we invite you to join our Christian recovery program to move beyond your problems and begin a new chapter in your life.

The most effective drug recovery program

The ideal rehab program should focus on the causes of addiction, rather than the disease itself. Too many rehab facilities treat the disorder, instead of treating the patient and his or her underlying problems. At our center, we have adopted a holistic approach, which promotes comprehensive treatment and care for the best results. What we offer includes:

Dual-diagnosis treatment – Most victims of addiction struggle with co-occurring disorders like PTSD, bipolar disorder, OCD, depression, etc. Addressing these problems will significantly alleviate the suffering and stabilize your cognitive and emotional functioning.

Eliminating the environmental triggers– Some people deal with family issues, others break under work stress, social phobias, or peer pressure. Our experts will address all these factors during the treatment, eliminating the triggers that may sabotage your recovery and cause the relapse long-term.

Inpatient and outpatient care – Whether you need intensive care or outpatient recovery services, we have you covered. We offer residential treatment, including medical assistance and therapy, and outpatient, PHP, and IOP programs for long-term stabilization and relapse control.

Spiritual recovery – We believe that those who fall victim to addiction generally face a spiritual crisis. They have lost their path in life and distanced themselves from their true nature. Our Christian recovery program harnesses the divine light that burns inside every individual, to bring order into the chaos in their lives.

Can I recover from addiction?

Yes, you can fully recover from addiction, even if you have lost your hope in ever regaining your freedom. You only need to find the inner strength to acknowledge the problem and seek immediate assistance, and our experts will do the rest. The most challenging threshold that most victims of addiction struggle with is overcoming the denial.

Whether you are ashamed of yourself, fear the rehab process, or you’re afraid that others might judge you, you must set everything aside now! It’s time to mature, come at peace with yourself, and make the decision that will save your life! You can only recover from addiction once you accept the problem and work towards finding a solution. And we are here to assist you.

The benefits of faith-based rehab

The main advantage of our religious rehab program is that it restores your confidence and spiritual strength. Our 12-Step recovery program allows you to find moral and emotional support in others, as you grow spiritually, becoming calmer, more confident, and balanced. The treatment offers you the opportunity to discover your true self and understand that God Himself guides your every step in life.

Contact us, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, and ask for details about our Christian recovery program! We are eager to see you join our Christian family as soon as possible!

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