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The Giving Tree is the first step for those who are seeking help in breaking drug and alcohol addiction.  Our detox/residential facility understands necessity of making sure every person has the best chance of succeeding in sobriety. We provide a highly personalized level of care, catering to the individual needs of each client, while offering tools and resources to help them grow. Whether you are seeking treatment as an individual, a couple, or a high profile business partner/celebrity, The Giving Tree has the tools to help you succeed. All of our staff is highly trained to maintain ethical boundaries and extreme confidentiality at all times.



We have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. Our goal is to continue to provide clients with a high quality of addiction treatment. Through structure, adherence, and quality assurance, we meet all criteria for this nationally renowned accreditation.


We Provide Our Clients with Tailored Treatment Programs.

At The Giving Tree each client has an individualized treatment plan created with their assigned counselor to match their needs. Clients will engage in their time with our highly skilled clinical staff on a daily basis.

Our holistic approach benefits clients in the long-term. The Giving Tree provides weekly healing sessions with a Reiki specialist. Our on-site chef provides clients with meals of high nutritional value. Clients will also receive nutritional education to help clients maintain a healthy, balanced, diet. Clients will receive health education on a daily basis, with assistance in support and accountability.



Freedom Comes from Finding the Root Cause.

At The Giving Tree, we help clients address the root causes of their addiction. The symptoms of addiction can have similar effects, but the underlying causes vary. Getting to the heart of the matter and discovering exactly what causes substance abuse, in the first place, is crucial to providing detoxification and addiction treatment. A few common causes are:

  • Peer Pressure. The substance abuse and addicted population often gains exposure to such harmful substances through friends and family members. This becomes the norm in such social circles and there are no further relational platforms built except with drug and alcohol use.
  • The Home Environment. Many individuals are exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age when substances are used frequently in the home environment. Parents may begin abusing drugs and alcohol in front of children. Eventually, this can lead to coercing those children to begin using with them.
  • Abuse and Neglect. Abuse and neglect can happen at any age. However, the first instance of this usually occurs at a very young age. In a desperate attempt to forget, individuals turn to drugs and alcohol.
  • PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder directly correlates with drug and alcohol addiction. Anyone who has faced high levels of trauma, and can be diagnosed with PTSD, is at a much higher risk of addiction.




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